Setting Up Initial Requirements

Firstly you will need to Register a Domain Name. As you will probably know already, this is the address for identifying your website, which users will type and see in their address bar of their internet browser. For example, is this website's domain name. Popular global domain names include .com .net & .org. While has been extremely well used in the United Kingdom, .uk is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD). So making this aqcuisition for your website with a UK audience should be a priority.

In order to create a website you will need a Hosting Package. It is neccesary for providing you with online storage space to hold your website  which links up with your domain name providing public access. I offer reliable and complete Hosting Packages for a bargain price. The hosting that I provide is outsourced to a very highly rated  & well established UK internet company. You have guarantee that all of your Data is securely stored in UK Data centres. Managed and maintained by experts, monitoring performance and reliability 24/7 so that the platform stays at peak performance, giving you the best Hosting for UK internet traffic in the industry.

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